Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The most amazing card trick ever!

Seriously, this is completely mind-bending!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Crimethink can be reached from the subway station only by means of a daring double somersault. It is only a multiple orgasm away from the checkout counter of the grocery store, and a mere lobbed brick distant from the witness bench of the courtroom, but it is much harder to access from the closed playpens of your homes, schools, workplaces, and punk rock clubs—only a mystical revelation or masterless revolution will suffice. Crimethink riots rather than diets, so as to love itself body and soul.

Crimethink cannot be captured by the cameras of the photojournalists. Crimethink dies on its feet before it lives on its knees, but it's more likely to be found on the run in between. . . just like you, perhaps.
Crimethink is the burning bush in the desert of industrial society, which can still be found between the thighs of the most mercilessly free and beautiful. Crimethink is revenge for that fucking flag they put on the moon.
Crimethink doesn't speak, it acts, and only speaks when speaking is acting. Crimethink stakes out its dominion where the body is the jagged edge of the world, stopping proudly short of the abyss of abstraction. Crimethink says to you: I put a spell on you, because you're mine.
For the market manages the managers, hierarchy bosses the bosses, capitalism owns the owners, but a crimethinker is truly a human being, free and wild.

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Evan Greer is AMAZING!

Gorgeous song....have you ever looked into their eyes?

VBS at my church tonight!

     So I got home from volunteering at Vacation Bible School at my church. I love those precious little children :)

The Best Superpower!

I quite agree with the conclusion!

Street Performance

I find things like this beautiful. Even around the world of people rushing by, cars honking, and crazy things happening, we can still take some time out for beautiful music. And his voice is wonderful!

Now That's Gangster

So amazing! How does he do that??

Monday, August 1, 2011

Interesting night

So my next door neighbor left their 14-year-old daughter alone at home for many nights in a row. This wouldn't bother me so much, but the girl is quite the slut, and there are boys coming over frequently there. Am I crazy for wanting to get law enforcement involved in this??